New York City Licensed Contractor

licensed contractor nycWhen considering which general contractor to hire for your next project it is important to know that your’re hiring a New York City licensed contractor. The City of New York demands a stringent criteria in issuing licenses to perform construction, building and home improvement work. This is for the safety and protection of the public. Any such work over $200 requires a business owner to be licensed.

To obtain a license a company owner must submit an extensive list of requirements:

  • Business registration / Tax ID
  • proof of home and business address
  • finger prints & background check
  • own a surety bond or pay for the Home Improvement Contractor Trust Fund
  • own workers’ compensation insurance
  • submit a roster of employees
  • complete a contractual compliance agreement assuring legitimacy of contracts
  • pass a home improvement exam
  • fees

These license requirements assure that a contractor is bonded, insured, knowledgable and can legally obtain building permits. Hiring a company which does not have these safeguards puts the customer at risk.

A surety bond is a type of insurance that protects the customer if anything goes wrong like the contractor fails to properly complete the work, fulfill any obligations or causes damages to the customers property. The Home Improvement Contractor Trust Fund offers the same protection to the customer. A licensed contractor must have one or the other. Workers’ compensation insurance is a separate insurance policy that also protects the customer from liability if any accidental injury occurs on his property.

licensed contractorWithout these insurance policies a customer risks being subject to losses or liability when hiring an unlicensed contractor. Even if a customer wins a civil court case there may be no guarantee of being paid without the surety bond or trust fund. Any implied warranties will not be guaranteed by law either.

An unlicensed contstruction company cannot legally obtain required building permits. Without a permit your job can be halted in the middle of construction. Or completed work can be subject to undoing or redoing with a licensed contractor, costing you far more in the end.

An unlicensed construction company may offer the lowest price by not offering you these legal and financial assurances. As a licensed contractor Gemini Design Construction offers you such assurance, experience and expertise. You can have the peace of mind that your job will be done properly to your satisfaction without unnecessary risk.

See City of New York website further info.


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